Moments. Impacts. Stories.

Life is a series of moments. Moments that carry importance and bring new adventures. Each moment has its own beauty. Some moments stay in our minds forever. Some other moments will be gone from our memories in a blink of an eye. It takes one small reminder of the moment in form of a scent, symbol or a little detail to recreate the instance where these were first met! Sometimes the biggest trigger in the memory is re-visiting the places where people were met and moments created.

Each time I go back to where it all started my heart skips a beat. It is like I am transferred back in time through a time machine. Have you ever felt that? It feels like suddenly the person is standing right next to me – as if I could almost feel his presence. And then BAM – reality strikes. Standing in the middle of nowhere – emptiness; living in the shadow of a memory. A moment that will stay in my mind forever. Life is made of all these moments. 

Moments that make up a story. Stories that shape our lives. Some moments are re-occurring and in a way repeat themselves and yet at the same time they all differ and are very unique. Unique. A strong word that expresses the diversity and exclusivity of the moment, of a life. Each one of these moments carries an impact. An impact. We create these moments based n our experiences. The more we put ourselves out there the more moments we create.

Life is unexpected. Sometimes these moments are interrupted  or mislead by the unexpected events life throws at us. Only the strongest keep their life together and choose the moments they want to keep close to their heart. This is life playing games. You either follow the rules and play the game or life plays you. Not only the strongest people get to go through all the events but also those who believe and have faith, those who have a strong support system behind them.

The support created by a strong friendship based on loyalty and trust. Loyalty. What is loyalty? What does it really mean? Trust – another big word. What is the meaning of the word ‘trust’? Today, no one knows the true value of these words yet everyone uses them in everyday life. These two most important aspects of life should have never been forgotten by anyone at any time. Hopefully, one day people will finally feel the value and the meaning of these two concepts, perhaps then the World would become a better place. Friendship can’t be recreated once it is completely shuttered and no matter what it won’t be the same as it was before the incident. Fight for your friendship and if it’s worth keeping your friends won’t let you go!

A sad moment. Unhappy moment. One should avoid, try to avoid these types of moments. 

Same goes for romance, love, the happy fairy tale – call it whatever you want – I call it the matter of heart. The most complicated kind of matters. All of us fight for happiness even if it scares us to death. From the very beginning of our journey feat and anxiety dominate our heart. What if he doesn’t like me? What if I look embarrassing? What if he uses me? What if he is just playing me like a useless toy? All these thoughts are dominated by fear, it is natural yet when you know that it is the real deal – you simply know! It is like you can hear his thoughts and read it in his eyes that his thoughts are mirroring yours. You feel comfortable and at ease! Thats the moment when you stop thinking and start falling in love. Falling in love with that special person, life and most importantly yourself. When one reaches this point in life they start creating the best moments of their life. These are hardly ever forgotten and almost always shared! Shared the true happiness!


Life is full of moments. Moments that carry importance and bring new adventures. Moments of impacts.


– K


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