Give it a try



     Every girl wants to be with someone who believes in magic, strives for an adventure and has a heart of a true gentleman. Most girls search for someone who combines Peter Pan, Captain Jack Sparrow and Mr.Darcy, yet what some girls forget to understand is that this man will find them! When this is heard, the reaction is mainly negative and so many arguments against this statement are instantly found.

      Usually girls tend to look for questions instead of focusing on simple answers. It is due to these questions that the girls lose the track of reality and get tangled in their own thoughts and ideas. Well what is then the right thing to do? I hear the question in the minds of my readers. Simply live!

      Smile to a stranger, let mistakes happen, have an adventure and most importantly let yourself free. Be yourself without any second thoughts, because trust me last thing a boy wants is an insecure, doubtful, self-conscious girlfriend! Go out there and live all the colors of your young life; you will see that black and white are only the extremes of the life spectrum. 

      Ever look at a couple and ask yourself why are these two strangers together? They complete each other with their differences and encourage each other to try out new things! Don’t be afraid to be different or unique because this is what makes you so special. Now, close your eyes and think of one part of you that you personally do not like. This part of you may not seem perfect to you, but this is what makes you so attractive to the rest of the World! Want to know why? Well, it simply makes you stand out! Imperfections create beauty. You may have your own opinion on this, but think about it! 

         Many film directors when casting the main actress search for a girl that is unique in her own way, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway and Audrey Hepburn all beautiful women and each carries her own uniqueness, beauty and secrets! 

         The point is men like Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow and Mr. Darcy exist, but how are they going to notice an amazing girl when her heart is closed and her mind is tangled in strange thoughts and ideas? When a girl hides behind her insecurity she lets a great guy pass by her without noticing her beauty! 

   Let it go. All of you out there are pretty and amazing so just let life be and sooner or later Mr. Darcy will knock on your door. Don’t make my mistake and when love knocks on your door, step up and let it in! 



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