It’s hard to believe in magic

It’s hard to believe in magic,

It’s hard to believe it exists.

But really it i stragic

That people refuse to believe!


Dreams come true sooner or later,

Wishes are made in belief

It only takes one person,

One person is enough to believe!


My dream will also come true

I’ll find that one person to say “I Love You”

I’ll find my dream job one day

And a house with a beautiful garden too.


I’ll find a person I can call my best friend

I’ll find a place I can call my home,

I won’t be alone, when I’ll need some support,

And my telephone won’t stop.


My brother’s family maybe somewhere far

Will always stay to close to heart.

His children will mean the World to me,

And I will be a happy aunt.


People can say that this is just a dream,

People can roll their eyes…

People have to start to believe –

Because that’s where the success lies!



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