Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Time. 

One of the most frustrating feelings in the World is the feeling of waiting. Waiting for some answers, waiting for the grades at the end of the semester – waiting for forever. The generation of today is becoming more and more demanding and there is no time for wait. Whilst waiting for something the time drags on and every second is felt. Every minute becomes equivalent to an hour. Until we reach a point in waiting when we realise that the time becomes irrelevant and that it is all relative on the big scale of the events. The more we wait the more we anticipate the upcoming events. The increasing anticipation builds up certain expectations. When the wait is finally over sometimes the expectations are not matched with anticipated results. This leads to disappointments. To avoid this one should stop waiting, thinking or anticipating and instead start living. When the news, results or any other important matter needs to reach you life will find a way to bring it to you. Do not just sit around and wait. Time flies by very quickly don’t waste it on waiting!


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