Mother and Child



Once upon a time, not long ago in a little village there was a little girl. She was brought up in a little house by her mother and to her it seemed like there is not anything else in the World she could ask for. In the morning she would wake up and feed the chicken and take her dog for a walk whilst her mother would make her breakfast. However, she reached a certain age where she began to question the reality she lived in and her curiousity to see what is beyond the village began to exceed. Everyday she would ask her mother to go for a walk beyond the village, take a trip and explore the various places out there and every single day she would hear the same response.


“I know you are curious, darling. The world out there is dangerous and you can get hurt so easily. Here in the little village we live, you have everything you need: fresh air, fresh food and kind hearted neighbours. Is there anything missing in your life sweet heart?” – her mother would speak in a steady low voice, trying to look out for her daughter.


“No mother, you are right. I have everything I need right here.” – the girl would reply in a slightly disappointed voice.


At night she would look out of her window and look at the stars, trying to guess what the stars are telling her. She would imagine a boy out there who is staring at the same stars and wondering if he could ever get out of his village and explore the World. She would create little episodes in her mind where she meets the boy and falls in love, where they leave the village and go on a beautiful journey together. Yet she knew she could not go against her mother’s will.


Being brought up in a little village in a small house had its own advantages, she grew to become a very domestic person, taking care of her household and she grew to appreciate little things in life more than anything. However, as the years went by all she kept thinking about was the escape and the urge for a new adventure.


On her eighteenth birthday, her mother baked her favorite strawberry cake and handed over an envelope as a gift.


“This is what you have been waiting for all your life. You have been a good daughter to me and I know that you only have one wish that you want to come true. Here is enough for you to make it on your own for sometime but then you will have to find a job and make your own living. Promise you will write to me every week!” As she spoke her tears ran down the wrinkeled cheeks and the slightly crooked smile appeared on her face. The girl was not sure how to react to the unexpected turn of events. Here it was the chance to leave her village behind and explore the great out there, meet the boy she dreamed of all these years and find out what her mother has been hiding from her all these years. She would be leaving her mother behind, alone in a big house in a small village with no relatives or friends as such…


“Don’t worry sweetheart, I will manage on my own just fine. I want you to live a happy life and you deserve to experience everything in this life. Go and enjoy yourself. Keep in mind, that no matter what I will always be here waiting for my daughter to come back. I love you more than anything in this entire World and this is why I am making your dream come true.”


The moment of silence was followed by a hug of appreciation. The hug that served as a big “thank you” to her mother for being the way she was, for raising the girl to become a lady and for always being there for her.The girl packed a small backpack and her mother watched her disappear in the big unknown direction.


The mother entered her empty house and let out a heavy sigh. Her thoughts were so tangled and mixed and she realised that it may have been the last time she ever saw her daughter. She has been sick for the past six months and she kept it as a secret from her daughter being scared to hurt her. She has been diagnosed with cancer by the local doctor, she had another two months ahead of her.


One month later a letter arrives.


My dearest mother,


I am sorry I haven’t written to you in a long time. I am doing well. The World beyond our village is just as I expected: adventurous, fascinating and inspiring. You were right, though, there are times when I miss the village and the simple life we used to live. I miss you, I wish you could experience this with me! Once I settle down somewhere and find a job I will make sure you move to live with me.


I love you, mom!


Your beloved daughter”


The hot tears ran down the cold cheeks. How can she reply to a letter as such? Should she just be honest and tell her daughter the truth? She never replied to the letter.


A few months later the daughter came back to the village. She found her house empty and dark. An old woman passed by the house and shook her head.


“She was so young. She passed away in autumn. She was diagnosed with cancer. Such a tragedy.” – she spoke to the young woman.


“Where was she burried” – the daughter asked, her voice shaking and her tears are running down her cheeks.


“In the back yard.” – the woman spoke and walked away


The daughter found her mother’s grave and stood there in complete silence. She was wondering why her mother never mentioned her sickness, she was questioning the whole gift idea for her eighteenth birthday and she just could not come up with any answers. As hard as it was she walked back into her house, cleaned up and decided to spend the night in the village. This time when she looked out of the window and saw the stars, all she could think about was that her mother is somewhere out there watching over her, helping her live her life even if she is physically not present.


Life is short, don’t wait around until you tell someone how you feel or hold back your thoughts because one day you might be ready to open up or start a new adventure and it may be a little too late.




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