Books. Books. Books.

Today, it is hard to find a good book and by a ‘good book’ I don’t mean a romantic novel that can be found in any bookstore. I mean a book that has meaning and is written in an untraditional way. A book that captures your attention and makes you want to read more and at the end leaves you staring at the last page and wishing there was more to this book. 

Just as it is hard to find a good book it is hard to find the readers. Most people today will wait until the film comes out in the cinemas. Call me old fashioned but there are details that are better captured and transmitted through words rather than moving images. Don’t get me wrong I love films, in fact I am a movieholic I believe. Yet there is this certain magic in the books that is hard to explain.

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. I like going to the bakery not far from where I live order coffee, take out my book and spend hours reading. Slowly I realize that the setting around me is no longer the bakery but I find myself in the middle of the scene that takes place in the novel, play or short story. I let my imagination picture the setting and the characters. The characters that soon become part of my scene. Some of them I sympathise and empathise with, some others I hardly understand and there are also those that evolve and grow throughout the story.

Sometimes the plot of the story happens to be similar to the story line of my life. I can identify myself and my friends in the book through the fictional characters. It is a strange feeling but sometimes the issues and challenges I face in life are simply solved by reading a page or two of the book as the characters in the book go through similar situations.

I believe that there is some romance and magic in reading books and it will always be there.

Read more. Travel more. 


– K


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