Hello there,

Have you ever wondered if one can be happy and sad at the same time? Have you ever felt that bittersweet moment? If you have, then you will probably understand what I am talking about. It is like half of the World is smiling at you with all promising opportunities. It is like life is giving you hope and encouraging you to live your life because there are so many beautiful things in life that make you happy. The beautiful weather, the fresh air, the birds singing in the morning and that stranger you meet on the road that smiles and winks at you – all inspire you to a better life. Making you feel like you are stronger than you were yesterday.

Yet there is a bitter part to this all. The part that is the hardest to admit. The part where the illusion of a beautiful and careless world fades into the reality. The reality where you can hear more than just the bird’s singing, where you here the voices that argue and the reality that brings out the disappointments. Bitter.

Even though, it is obvious that you need both sides of  the world to make it interesting and worth living yet don’t you think this World would be a happier place if all these little bitter aspects of it could be avoided? 

Something to think about, I guess.




– K


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