Hello there, 

Music makes up a big part of our everyday life. Each song becoming like a soundtrack to our lives. It sets the ambiance in restaurants and cafés, it helps us understand our own feelings through the lyrics and most of all it expands our perception of the world.

Music can be a strong reminder of a moment. A moment that has escaped our memory yet has been reminded of by the sound of that very song. First romantic dinner as a couple, first dance, first heart break – were all supported by some sort of soundtrack. Some people close their eyes to fully take in the beauty of the melody and to fully appreciate the song! Someone once told me that we always close our eyes when we kiss, dream or make a wish because we can feel the best moments better that way. Nothing gets in the way – no disrupting image of sad reality can break into the bubble of joy!


And then there are phases… There is that teenage phase where you feel like no one apart from Simple Plan understands you! Then there is another phase when you feel happy and you want to share this happiness with the rest of the World – so you listen to your happy songs! We start sharing videos on Youtube and start sending our favorite songs to our friends via other social networks! It is just amazing!

Music is truly powerful. Next time you listen to your playlist – think about that!

Have a good evening everyone, 


– K



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