Hello there, 

Today we are all getting back from our summer vacations one last time before the final semester of studies begins. It feels strange to see everyone come back and realise that about 90% of these people will stay with you just as a memory after graduation. It is a little sad in a way, the people I met during these three years of my studies have all left an impact in my life and some have a special place in my heart. It is how life works I guess, perhaps we will meet again in a couple of years or something or we get invited to their big occasions such as weddings for example.

Despite the fact that this is our last semester people are smiley and happy to be back for the new semester. The stories about summer are heard wherever you go and everyone complains about the unpacking. All of these gives a certain energy to this place as if it gets the semester started in a way that without all of this white noise it would be impossible to start this semester. 

After having a very interesting summer and having realised a few things in life – I believe this semester is promising to be a good one. This next six months will be full of energy and with ups and downs, new friends will be made and some old friendships might be re-stored.

Each one of us has their own view of how things will work out this semester and we all have our own expectations. I try to stay away from expectations as life showed me, the more you expect the less you get and it is hard to meet the expectations. So, this new page in my life will start fresh without any expectations and full of positive energy. After all, this is my last semester of studying might as well make the most of it, right?



– K


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