Strive for the better

Sometimes I wish I were a better person. Someone who has a better understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Someone who knows how to treat people nicely with respect. I think that in these past few weeks I have hurt too many people and nothing good has come out of it. I didn’t hurt anyone physically, please don’t get me wrong, but I think it got to their feelings. The thing is it is challenging to keep your balance and be on top of your academic work and being social enough not to hurt anyone. Some situations are very delicate and some people are very sensitive to these. The challenge is in the fact that you have to keep your head straight and have your mind set over the matter and sometimes you slip. Sometimes you behave like you normally would forgetting that other people’s feelings are at stake. 

Today, I realised that friendships are overrated. What is a true friendship? Does it even exist? What is the point to a friendship where people obey rules and regulations and end up being shaped into a box that reflects on nothing that they really are? So, if the point is to be yourself and enjoy the little things in life and being able to share experiences with people that matter, consequently, it means that these people shouldn’t mind the way you are and be more understanding. I might be wrong but it just doesn’t make sense to me if the friends that you are with are judgemental and too sensitive… 

I must be wrong. I must strive to become a better person. 


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