hello there,

so recently the majority of the posts I have been reading say something along these lines “love yourself and everything will fall into place”. I don’t completely disagree with that per say, as I do too think that you have to go back to basics before anything. You have to accept the way you are and love yourself for who you are to show other people that there is so much more to you than just a simple ordinary someone.

However, sometimes I think we need someone in our lives to show us that the battles we are fighting are useless because we are so much better than that. The thing is we are all human and need some support from someone who we believe understands us like no one else. We need to accept their support and not to question their judgement, I mean they are by your side, aren’t they? I think that this is there that some people get it wrong, we question and are in denial to accept the judgement of the others that are here for us. The thing is that there is no better in the world knowing that there is someone like you out there. Someone who understands you and who will love you unconditionally regardless of how you look like or what you wear. They will love you for you – so just be yourself! 

The thing is, if you are meant to be with someone it will happen. Trust me it will. You will be reading all these articles on how to get his attention or doubting his feelings – DONT!!! if they like you they will show it!! and all you have to do is to accept their love and enjoy it together =) 

I know, that it is easier to write about it than do it but hey, if I can work on myself so could you =) 

Lots of love, 

– K




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