Life is full of choices

Every day we make choices. Choices that define our tomorrow. People often doubt, whether the choice they’ve made is the right one. The thing is that a lot of us out there take up on ourselves a lot of responsibility for the final choices. Consequently, carrying a significant weight and putting the person in question under a lot of pressure.

Silence is a choice. Choosing to be more engaged with your iPhone rather than with your family at a dinner is yet another choice. But when has it happened that the technology became priority over people? It’s almost like it is not a choice but a MUST. Moreover, do you start getting worried about your closest people when the only things they say to you are “hello” and “goodbye”?

No one promised an easy life and most often we argue that being able to make a choice brings colours to life. And yet somehow we have too many options to choose from we stick to the most comfortable, in our opinion, choice and blindly choose to believe we are right. It feels as if this world has become too individualistic. About 80% of people live their lives based purely on their own needs. They have a way of living and they don’t let anyone else in. I guess it’s their choice. But how alienated can one choose to be?

Silence is a choice. In my understanding being silent is one of the scariest things, you have no clue what the other person is thinking. Perhaps it is just me or maybe I chose to notice details and that’s why it is on my mind.

The point is life is full of choices – pick wisely.

xoxo – K


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