Doubts & Questions Tangled

Hello my Dearest Readers,

Have you ever felt like you are doing everything in your power for the best possible outcome for everyone and yet no matter what you do backfires right back at you?

I feel like no matter what we do, even if we have the best intentions, everything ends up being the way we have never imagined. The thing is that some people may get hurt on the way to achieve your goal. The biggest challenge is to achieve the purpose without hurting anyone’s feelings. It gets so twisted and tangled once you start analysing and thinking in detail how to make everything better. I just wish there was a way that guided us through this labyrinth of questions and doubts.

Why are we put in these situations of conflicted feelings and decisions?

I guess it is true what they say – life is a roller coaster and you never know when there are ups and downs in your life.

xoxo – K

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