2014 In A Few Words

Hello my Dear Readers,

Hope you have all been doing great and are enjoying your Christmas breaks.

It is now that time of a year, when we look back at all the moments we shared in a year, in preparation for the new upcoming year. Although, it is a challenge to sum up a year in a few words there are some moments and realisations that simply can’t be forgotten.

2014 has been full of colours:

Blue: This year has been somewhat blue in more than one way. In the beginning of the year I spent a lot of days in quiet disappointment of not being able to find a job, hence some of these days were quite gloomy. Moreover, this year taught me what it really meant to truly miss someone you love and to feel blue. Those of you out there that are familiar with this feeling will know exactly what I am talking about.

Red: This year brought my way love and passion. It taught me how to open my heart to people and not to be afraid of letting people in to my world. After all, nothing is real until shared. Being passionate about someone or something that you do is yet another lesson I learnt from the passing year. I hope that 2014 has brought love and passion to many of you out there!

Yellow: Happiness. Friendship. I am thankful to 2014 for the friendships it has brought my way. In addition to numerous new friendships created, I managed to keep in touch with my friends all over the world! This year two of my closest friends got engaged and I simply can’t express my happiness enough!! I am looking forward to next year and to be able to share their happiness!!

I could go on and talk about a whole spectrum of colours that 2014 brought my way but then I would have to write an entire book 😉

I hope that your 2014 looks as bright and colourful! One more year is about to pass by and yet life goes on towards new adventures!

Happy New Year my Dear Readers! Let it be joyful, bright and adventurous!


– K


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