Beauty and the Beast

“There is nothing wrong with fairy tales, they all end with a happy ever after” – One Tree Hill 

Belle believed that one day she will find something more than a simple provincial life in her little village and was courageous enough to sacrifice her freedom for her father. Kindhearted, courageous and smart she went through life until she met the one person who has influenced her life in more ways than she could ever imagine. Belle falls in love with a man that hardly can keep his temper in control. And yet by the end of the story both characters evolve and make what seemed to be unimaginable a beautiful love story. 

So can this happen in real life? Can it be that two completely different people make a beautiful love story?! I’d like to believe that everything is possible but what to do if life puts obstacles on the way to your happiness? Why isn’t this ever explained in the fairy tales? Or maybe some of us are just not courageous enough to leave everything behind and go towards their happiness. Perhaps it’s a little bit of everything and then people end up in a complicated situation with no clear answers…. 

Sometimes I wish there was a little bit more of faith and magic in this world and most importantly less fear. If you feel like doing something go for it and fear nothing! Who knows perhaps your love story can go down in books as the next great love story!! 

My conflicted heart is struggling to find the right pathway but I am sure one day I’ll tell my children a great love story and it won’t be a simple fairy tale! 

Have a magical weekend everyone!



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