He found her at the time when she was completely lost and quite frankly – heartbroken.  She wasn’t sure what she was looking for and when she met him for the first time, she thought perhaps there was a glimpse of hope towards mending her broken heart. He was older than her and had more experience with the relationships.

Honestly, that scared her a little, but the temptation of a new adventure was stronger than fear. She wanted to feel free and unbroken again but didn’t know where to start. So when he asked her if she was interested to try this out, she agreed at first. The day after she went to see her doctor who has announced to her some unpleasant news concerning her health and the fear took over her senses.

She recklessly took the decision to stop something that hasn’t even begun blaming it on what came across the wrong way. She regretted the minute the message was sent out…but by then it was too late to change anything. The thoughts of missed chances and of having hurt him couldn’t escape her mind. Would he ever understand if she explained? Would he ever forgive the recklessness on her behalf? Or was it a sign to have protected her from something that was coming her way and she was just not ready for it yet…

He was conflicted, confused, annoyed and even angry – not understanding how a person can change their mind so quickly and with no actual reason. Did she do that on purpose? Has he done something wrong? After taking few minutes to think the whole situation all over again he realized that it was not as simple. He has not done anything wrong and perhaps the girl is just simply crazy. But she was not, and maybe somewhere deep inside he knew that too.

After a couple of hours of texting they have both figured  out that this might be worth giving a try and perhaps this could be the beginning of a something beautiful. They wanted to start fresh, get to know each other in all possible ways.

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