Magical Experience

Today I went to the circus. Absolutely magical experience. It is amazing how much these people trust each other. They trust each other their lives and their safety. The woman lightly flies up in the air and the man catches her so lightly so that when she finds herself in his arms she feels like it’s meant to be. There are millions of ordinary people out there, me included, that can’t even trust their best friend a secret – a simple secret that won’t even matter in 10 years. These people trust each other on a completely different level, they don’t think twice whether or not they should jump or whether or not they are making the right choice – they just do it! Amazing. The children that come to watch the show are so innocent and amazed by every part of the performance. They are learning about the world from a different perspective. The happy families get together for this occasion filling the venue. Laughter and smiles  were heard and seen everywhere around the area. The music was in tone with the mood – happy and cheerful. Carefree atmosphere and many friendly faces in the audience! Absolutely magical experience!



Hello there,

I have made a long journey to finally find myself in the place where my origins lie: Yerevan, Armenia. I visit the city every summer since half of my extended family lives here. The city hasn’t changed a bit! It is as colourful and as bright as it has ever been, full of energetic people with their own specifics of course. It is a small city, the capital of Armenia, yet it remains big in the values that it beholds.

Today, I had a lovely trip to the countryside of Yerevan to visit more of  extended family. The fresh air and the mesmerising beauty of the place took over all of my senses. The minute I walked out of the car I felt like I have travelled to a different country. The beautiful landscape was simply breathtaking. There are not enough words to describe it…By the house where I was visiting my family, there was a little church. If there is one thing you can’t take away from an Armenian is their faith and  believe in better. Religion is an important part of their lives and today when visiting the church I felt like this was country was filled with great spirits. All it takes is for you to believe!

It was amazing as my cousin and I walked the garden picking up fresh fruits right from the trees. It seemed like there was nothing else that I could possibly need in the entire world. Fresh air, fresh fruit, family, what else? Isn’t that called happiness? I guess it is a part of it. A tiny little part of one’s happiness lies in their mood and the environment that they are in.

Today’s experience made me see how different people are in Third World countries and that the problems that they are facing are way bigger than what is seen to an eye at first. I tell you, they hide it well. In fact they don’t need to hide anything because they love their life as it is. There are no expectations of a better life that can be easily ruined and all what they have they put to use and live a simplified life of no stress. Isn’t that simply beautiful? I  also got to see how people act in different situations and under different circumstances. For example, there was one person present who only developed any interest towards me when I started to talk about my life abroad and my studies and the languages I speak. Before that I felt like an empty space to her simply because she didn’t know. I also got to know an interesting person who by chance happened to know a lot more about computer technology than I do, in the sense that it was nice to talk about computing and website creations with someone who understands you at the same level. I might even use his insight in my final dissertation project!

All in all it feels nice to be back here – almost feels like home!

I miss it over here!!


– K