Valentine’s Day or Commercial Obligation

Hello there, 

I know it has been a while since I have last posted and connected with you my readers, but today the inspiration has come to me. For many today is a special day – people celebrate love and friendship. St. Valentine’s day has always been a cheerful occasion and I admire this holiday for truly what it is. However, in today’s society the romance is slowly fading away and the companies are using this holiday to increase their sales and market their products. It’s a shame really that the economy today has allowed this to happen! 

Valentine’s day should be celebrated every day and shown in form of small acts of attention. A smile, a rose or a small chocolate bar that your significant other brings home should be more than enough! Personally, the best present for me would be a hand made card hand written – there is just so much personal feelings in this simplest thing! Yet today I watched millions of men line for expensive presents, feeling almost obliged to get their loved ones a gift. But do this gifts mean anything anymore?

Each year this day provokes more and more discussion that never leads to a conclusion! At the end of the day it is personal and each one of us makes up our own minds upon the matter.

I just want to leave you with a thought. What is it that matters more: a small simple handmade card or an expensive luxurious commercial gift?