What makes holidays with friends unforgettable?

Every once in a while we escape the reality of the everyday life and take a short trip with friends in hope to get some new perspective and simply enjoy our lives. Last weekend we have organised a girl’s weekend to Milan and it was absolutely incredible and here is a recipe to an unforgettable holiday. Mytrendingstories ‪#‎traveandinspire‬ ‪#‎travelwithfriends‬ ‪#‎friends‬ ‪#‎holidays‬‪#‎laughter‬

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Happiness comes in different ways, most of us are looking for happiness by looking for love or our other half, others are defining happiness by the employment that they achieve. But really is happiness something we can easily find or is it something we could much simpler create. To me happiness is found in the little details: for instance when you wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunshine, or when you spend an amazing evening with your friends. Happiness is hidden in details and one has to open up to see them. We can spend all our lives looking for something undefined and calling it “happiness” without realising that in fact what we are looking for is just right in front of us…

Imaginary Friend

I knew I had to let go of him at some point. I knew I had to say ‘good bye’ to him, I just didn’t think the moment would come to me so unexpectedly. I was two years old when we first met. I just learnt how to speak, you know. I am much older now, I am eight, you know, and I miss him. For some reason my mum and dad didn’t believe he existed but he was there! He would be in my room and we would play games. He understood me like no one else did. And then yesterday when I was back from school I realised he wasn’t there anymore. I came into my room and set up the toys and realised he left me. Mum says that it is because it was about time I replaced my toys with homework. She’d never understand it though. Perhaps it really is because I am becoming an adult. I will miss him. I hope he is well and although he left me without a ‘good bye’ I won’t hold a grudge against him. He probably did not want to hurt my feelings in the first place. I’ll miss him. I wish him well, you know. I guess Max, this kid in my class, could take his place. He seems nice, Max I mean. Yesterday I told Max, how I feel about Margaret. Max smiled at me and said I have all chances with her. “Peter, he said, if you want to get her attention, annoy her. Then get her chocolates or something, girls like that.” I wish I could talk to him about this though, he left me at a very wrong time, you know. Perhaps I could ask my dad how he tricked mum into marrying him. No, no he won’t understand, he’d probably make fun of me, anyway. I guess life really is complicated, huh…

“Peter, dinner is ready” 

Oh, that’s mum. I guess I will eat and then do homework or something.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right.

Does he exists? Every second girl asks herself at some point in her life whether her Mr. Right exists and if so when is he coming to swipe her off her feet. At some point in their lives they are being asked all the right questions but by the wrong people. For instance, a nice boy asks a girl to go out for dinner with him, go out for drinks or coffee and make a date out of it and the girl feels like all these questions are exactly what she wants to hear but from another person. I mean can we choose who we love?

Some of us subconsciously have feelings for someone who seems so near and yet remains so far. The issue at hand then is that some people wait around for too long to admit these feelings and when they finally decide to step out of the denial phase into confession and acceptance the other person seems to slip away. Others are so hung up on their past relationships, idealizing everything about the person they were previously involved in. Blinded by these idealizations people do not notice the opportunities before them, does it mean that they are missing out on their Mr. Right?

Is there just one Mr. Right? Imagine if you fall in love and the moments you spend with this one person feel like eternity. When he holds you in his arms you feel like you belong there and when he smiles at you there is nothing in the World that would make you happier. It is in his look that you know that he loves you, because when he is making a conversation with his friends, he looks at you every two minutes. And it is not just a simple look but the look that tells you that he doesn’t need anyone else but you. And for one reason or the other the magical relationship breaks. Boom. Nada. Eventually, with time you heal and find another person to be with. But does it still feel like the same way? Does he make you feel exactly the same way as your ex did? Do you still spend hours thinking of him? Or do you simply move on and convince yourself that he wasn’t Mr. Right after all and this next person is?

All these questions and no one simple answer. Personally, I believe when it’s right – you know it’s right. Most of the time your Mr. Right doesn’t come easy, it takes a couple of challenges, break ups, make ups, tears and smiles to get with that right person for you.


Hello there, 

Music makes up a big part of our everyday life. Each song becoming like a soundtrack to our lives. It sets the ambiance in restaurants and cafés, it helps us understand our own feelings through the lyrics and most of all it expands our perception of the world.

Music can be a strong reminder of a moment. A moment that has escaped our memory yet has been reminded of by the sound of that very song. First romantic dinner as a couple, first dance, first heart break – were all supported by some sort of soundtrack. Some people close their eyes to fully take in the beauty of the melody and to fully appreciate the song! Someone once told me that we always close our eyes when we kiss, dream or make a wish because we can feel the best moments better that way. Nothing gets in the way – no disrupting image of sad reality can break into the bubble of joy!


And then there are phases… There is that teenage phase where you feel like no one apart from Simple Plan understands you! Then there is another phase when you feel happy and you want to share this happiness with the rest of the World – so you listen to your happy songs! We start sharing videos on Youtube and start sending our favorite songs to our friends via other social networks! It is just amazing!

Music is truly powerful. Next time you listen to your playlist – think about that!

Have a good evening everyone, 


– K