Estoril, Portugal

Today for the very first time in forever I felt inspired and was mesmerized by the beauty of this place! In Estoril, people are happy with what they have, they smile and enjoy their life – people are happy and alive! That’s truly inspiring! It’s amazing how on the other hand people who have a lot more in materialistic terms seem to be unhappy stressed concerned about life!! Long story short if you are looking for a peaceful romantic and magical spot for vacation think of Estoril!! Trust me it’s worth it!! estorilestroil2


Do you find love or does love find you?

Hello there my Dear Readers,

Here’s a question that has been torturing numerous women all over the world at all times: do you find love or does love find you? Personally, I am convinced that IT finds YOU! Simply because, as experience has shown, if it is meant to happen it will and no matter what happens. The thing is that sometimes love comes to us so unexpectedly and perhaps is not even meant to last long for various reasons. Sometimes it’s timing…ok who am I kidding, most of the times is timing! Imagine, when you are traveling on business trip for three days and there it is you meet your other half and you know it immediately as your eyes lock. However, all you have together is three days! The three best days of you lives and yet you know it can’t last! This person will always have a place in your heart and most likely he will be the only person in your life. And then some years later you will meet another person and then somehow the timing is perfect, you have finally found your place in life and you will happy with your life. Life is full of unexpected situations and sometimes you might meet the person you met on your business trip again in a couple of years and it sort of throws you off your balanced life.

Other times it’s much simpler. Love finds you at the perfect time and place and you live a happy ever after. The problem is that some people fall in love with the idea of being in love rather than the person they share this idea with. Has that ever happened to you? Then you will know what I am trying today here! This just makes me go back to the point I made in my earlier posts – it is all relative, even feelings! 

One other thing to mention, girls spend hours dreaming of Mr. Right and basically do everything and anything to find him! Sounds familiar? The thing is that you girls might be chasing something that is not there. Take a look around you, there is probably someone right next to you that cares for you and is probably secretly in love with you! If you are currently with someone and you feel that something doesn’t feel right – just ask yourself whether this is really the person you want to be with. Sometimes when we realise that what we have been looking for is right by our side, it can be a little too late. 

So, here’s something to think about. Perhaps you’ll think a little on this after having read this post, perhaps you disagree with me – it’s ok because that’s what makes this world beautiful: we are all different!

Have a beautiful week ahead Dear Readers,

Lots of Love,

xoxo – K

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen 😊
Hello there,
Positivity is questionable, some may argue that people are trying to remain positivity to cover up their real feelings, like a mask. Others argue that all positive thinking people are messed up in some strange way because it is impossible to reach this level of positivity. I, on the other hand, believe that positivity is the state of mind, just like happiness. If you tell yourself that you are in a happy place and life is not that bad after all positive thinking comes your way by itself =) 

The thing is that positive thinking attracts positive action, whatever you think you attract. Next time you are making a decision or feeling down just tell yourself to try and think otherwise. Think positively as if magic is about to happen and then smile for no reason =) you will see that changes will happen in your life =) 

– K