Santa Margherita, Liguria –> Verona –> Lake Garda – Touring around Italy 2013

Hello there, 

Surprisingly this summer has turned out differently to what I imagined and differently being a good thing. Tripping around Italy has been amazing. The journey started off in Santa Margherita, Liguria and although the weather was cold and not so “sea friendly” it didn’t get in the way of our vacation.

The place is beautiful. The minute you enter the little village you get the feel of the country as a whole. People are chilled out and enjoying the summer, going to the beach and eating fresh fruits at the beach! Oh, the food! One bite of a fresh strawberry makes you feel like you are in heaven! Italy is known for food and fashion! Don’t even get me started on the shopping! Speaking of fashion, however, I did get to meet a person from the fashion industry – a celebrity in fact 🙂 that was quite an experience I tell you!

Next stop: Verona.

Ah, the beautiful city of Verona – full of romance and adventure. The city that Shakespeare wrote about where forbidden love took place and where the dreams come true! I went to Casa di Guilietta and left my own letter to Juliette! Who knows she might take a slight interest in my story and one day reply to my letter. Perhaps by that time my love story will straighten itself out. The greatest experience, however, was the Opera Festival. It was the 100th Opera Festival in Verona that took place in an open theatre: Arena di Verona. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing – women wearing beautiful gowns and men wearing fancy suits. An experience to be lived at least once in a lifetime! 

Next Stop: Lake Garda

Beautiful destination for a family holiday or couples vacation. Not too many tourists remaining entertaining for short time visits. Fresh air and delicious gelato al frutti di bosco is the perfect combination that make up a perfect holiday!

If you have never been to Italy – add it to your destination list! 😛




– K