Happiness comes in different ways, most of us are looking for happiness by looking for love or our other half, others are defining happiness by the employment that they achieve. But really is happiness something we can easily find or is it something we could much simpler create. To me happiness is found in the little details: for instance when you wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunshine, or when you spend an amazing evening with your friends. Happiness is hidden in details and one has to open up to see them. We can spend all our lives looking for something undefined and calling it “happiness” without realising that in fact what we are looking for is just right in front of us…


Orchestra of Magic

Hello my Dear Readers,

Tonight I have witnessed something purely magical. I went to see a play, but it was no traditional play. It was more like one man show. One very famous Russian actor put together a show. He starts off by talking about dreams. Dreams, that according to this man, diminish as we grow older. At first this thought took me by surprise, the older we get the more options we have to make our dreams come true, and yet this person argues that our dreams diminish as we grow older. Later on in the show I started to see his point. When we are young, let’s say at the age of eight, we dream of bigger things, unrealistic ideas and imagine that all is possible. For instance at the age of eight we dream of reaching the stars and by the time you get to the age of twenty eight  we dream of a stable relationship with a long term potential that can lead to starting your own family. Do you see the difference in the dream level?

One other thing that made this evening absolutely magical was the live orchestra that was present on stage throughout the show. The actor would read a poem and there would be live music at the background, supporting and guiding the story. The actor touched upon another subject that caught my attention. He talked about something as simple as a kiss. The music at the background played the famous tune from “Cherbourg Umbrellas”. He talked about how each kiss means something to us and how each kiss is so different! There’s that first kiss – gentle and inviting, sort of testing whether or not there is a chance, there’s the last kiss – the kiss that says more than any words possibly could and the kiss on the forehead – a goodbye, a kiss of pure love, a kiss of friendship, a kiss of love the list could go on forever! But the most painful of all kisses is the one that you can’t feel. Have you ever experienced that type of a kiss? When your beloved stays on the other side of the road and sends you a virtual kiss and then vanishes into nowhere… 

The actor then further took a trip down his memory lane. He sang the songs of love and he danced to the music like there was no tomorrow. This makes you forget the troubles of your life for at least a couple of hours and think of your own dreams. Think of your music in your life. Think of the magic that you have still left in you. Although, it is not a traditional play, where you empathise with the characters, this person takes you on a journey that makes you reflect upon your life! 

I walked out tonight feeling absolutely amazed and free! On my way back I realised that my dreams are still alive in me and that the music in my heart keeps on playing! I realised that all moments sooner or later will become memories and I should really enjoy the moment while it lasts!

Take a minute. Think about it. Find your own music in your heart! Find your dreams!

On that note, my Dear Readers, I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams!


xoxo – K

Magical Experience

Today I went to the circus. Absolutely magical experience. It is amazing how much these people trust each other. They trust each other their lives and their safety. The woman lightly flies up in the air and the man catches her so lightly so that when she finds herself in his arms she feels like it’s meant to be. There are millions of ordinary people out there, me included, that can’t even trust their best friend a secret – a simple secret that won’t even matter in 10 years. These people trust each other on a completely different level, they don’t think twice whether or not they should jump or whether or not they are making the right choice – they just do it! Amazing. The children that come to watch the show are so innocent and amazed by every part of the performance. They are learning about the world from a different perspective. The happy families get together for this occasion filling the venue. Laughter and smiles  were heard and seen everywhere around the area. The music was in tone with the mood – happy and cheerful. Carefree atmosphere and many friendly faces in the audience! Absolutely magical experience!

It’s hard to believe in magic

It’s hard to believe in magic,

It’s hard to believe it exists.

But really it i stragic

That people refuse to believe!


Dreams come true sooner or later,

Wishes are made in belief

It only takes one person,

One person is enough to believe!


My dream will also come true

I’ll find that one person to say “I Love You”

I’ll find my dream job one day

And a house with a beautiful garden too.


I’ll find a person I can call my best friend

I’ll find a place I can call my home,

I won’t be alone, when I’ll need some support,

And my telephone won’t stop.


My brother’s family maybe somewhere far

Will always stay to close to heart.

His children will mean the World to me,

And I will be a happy aunt.


People can say that this is just a dream,

People can roll their eyes…

People have to start to believe –

Because that’s where the success lies!



You make me feel special

In a blink of an eye

You make me feel magic

I forget who am I…


When I am without you however,

I think of someone else

Even if he is in a relationship,


I feel like my heart belongs to him


I feel like one day

Sooner or later

We will find our way

We will be together…


I wish I could forget the guy,

I wish I could be yours,

Yet this is something beyond my control,

I am sorry, if you get hurt….


I am sorry