Life is a game 

Life is a game of chessWeigh what is at stake…

You may create the world of mess

 No room for a mistake!
Love is a different game we play

Its sunlight blinds us truly

Endlessly we want to stay 

Enjoying each other fully…
Life is a game, with winners and with losers 

We witness all: the broken hearts and tears

As much we’d like, we are no choosers 

Not of our dreams nor not of our fears 

– K


If dreams were to come true

If dreams were to come true

The oceans would be bridged

And I’d scream “I love you”

And pray your heart is reached.

If only for one day,

We could live in my dream

If only for one day,

My heart could finally scream!

If dreams were to come true

You would be here with me

I’d put my arms around you

Sitting by the sea..

The mild wind, blows away our past

We dream together

Wondering how long it will last

And pray it does forever.

If dreams could come to life

We would believe in love

And just as a white dove –

I’d wed – to be your wife!



  Silent scream of a fightA caged bird sings at night

Broken pieces on the floor

A mystery behind the door….
The Stars lighting the path

Stressful day washed by a warm bath

The magic of love lost and found

The simple silence and no sound.
A lost soul trapped in the body of a man

Traveling through time like Peter Pan

Jumping on clouds with hope

To simply escape and elope 
Silent scream heard at night

The darkness broken by the light

Glued pieces on the floor

A step closer to open the door 


Lonely hearts beat, almost together

In darkness, in silence, in doubts –
Up in the sky, tangled in clouds.
Lonely hearts beat – almost together,
Looking for love to last forever.

The stars shining bright
Light in the night
Giving the hope
To those in love, to elope.

Over the oceans, far away –
Letting go, yet wanting to stay.
Knowing barely what to say,
Wondering how the cards will lay.

– K

A poem

There is truth behind every joke
There is knowledge behind every ‘I don’t know’
When my heart you broke
There were feelings that I didn’t show…

You used to be the highlight of my gloomy days
You used to be the sunlight cutting through the greys
Like a sailing ship you helped me see the light.
Today, I watch you from afar like a flying kite.

“Life isn’t always what it seems”

Life isn’t always what it seems.
Like a roller coaster takes us through
An unforgettable ride to our dreams,
That we once drew…

It takes us through the mountains of joy
And the forests of sadness,
Where that girl meets that boy
And where it all creates chaos and madness.

On our way some people will leave
And others walk into our lives.
We learn to see like from a tree falls a leaf
That some people are just not meant to be…

It teaches us patience, respect and love
The memories it captures in a photograph
And at the end of this bittersweet ride
We fly away, like a loving dove…

Unsaid Goodbye

Just when everything went back to reality,

You go ahead and attract me like gravity

How can I forget your existence

In a blink of an eye in a second of an instant?


Why do you look at me like you have something to say?

I hate to admit the fact that you make my day…

Yet you never say anything, you keep things inside

So how am I supposed to know what’s on your mind?


You inspire me to write

And you brighten my day

But unless you open up 

I have nothing to say…


You are always on my mind

Or at least you used to be

Now you are out of sight

Somewhere not with me…


So just help me to forget you 

I miss you and somehow I feel you miss me too

But just live your life with the girl you love

Let me live my life – and be who I are…