Imaginary Friend

I knew I had to let go of him at some point. I knew I had to say ‘good bye’ to him, I just didn’t think the moment would come to me so unexpectedly. I was two years old when we first met. I just learnt how to speak, you know. I am much older now, I am eight, you know, and I miss him. For some reason my mum and dad didn’t believe he existed but he was there! He would be in my room and we would play games. He understood me like no one else did. And then yesterday when I was back from school I realised he wasn’t there anymore. I came into my room and set up the toys and realised he left me. Mum says that it is because it was about time I replaced my toys with homework. She’d never understand it though. Perhaps it really is because I am becoming an adult. I will miss him. I hope he is well and although he left me without a ‘good bye’ I won’t hold a grudge against him. He probably did not want to hurt my feelings in the first place. I’ll miss him. I wish him well, you know. I guess Max, this kid in my class, could take his place. He seems nice, Max I mean. Yesterday I told Max, how I feel about Margaret. Max smiled at me and said I have all chances with her. “Peter, he said, if you want to get her attention, annoy her. Then get her chocolates or something, girls like that.” I wish I could talk to him about this though, he left me at a very wrong time, you know. Perhaps I could ask my dad how he tricked mum into marrying him. No, no he won’t understand, he’d probably make fun of me, anyway. I guess life really is complicated, huh…

“Peter, dinner is ready” 

Oh, that’s mum. I guess I will eat and then do homework or something.