Life is a game 

Life is a game of chessWeigh what is at stake…

You may create the world of mess

 No room for a mistake!
Love is a different game we play

Its sunlight blinds us truly

Endlessly we want to stay 

Enjoying each other fully…
Life is a game, with winners and with losers 

We witness all: the broken hearts and tears

As much we’d like, we are no choosers 

Not of our dreams nor not of our fears 

– K


Unsaid Goodbye

Just when everything went back to reality,

You go ahead and attract me like gravity

How can I forget your existence

In a blink of an eye in a second of an instant?


Why do you look at me like you have something to say?

I hate to admit the fact that you make my day…

Yet you never say anything, you keep things inside

So how am I supposed to know what’s on your mind?


You inspire me to write

And you brighten my day

But unless you open up 

I have nothing to say…


You are always on my mind

Or at least you used to be

Now you are out of sight

Somewhere not with me…


So just help me to forget you 

I miss you and somehow I feel you miss me too

But just live your life with the girl you love

Let me live my life – and be who I are…